58% of Homes For Sale Do Not Sell!

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December 2, 2012 by Jeff Lowen

Wouldn’t it be great to ensure you’ll be in that 42% that DO sell?!

Not all the homes that are put on the market are actually sold! No way! I must be kidding, right?
Many of them do not sell and are either withdrawn, cancelled or have expired. Sometimes sellers will re-list them with another Realtor®, or try and have a go themselves. Take a look at the actual homes that were sold and homes that did not sell during the previous years in your neighborhood. Withdrawn, Cancelled or Expired are the homes that were listed and failed to sell for a myriad of possible reasons. It’s not always price. The mistake is made when you only look at one aspect of the market, such as price, to position your home for sale. Yes, location is very important, but so is your competition, your target buyer market, and a whole host of other variables. We use 115 of these variables to determine how your home should be positioned in your market for the best possible exposure to the best possible buyers for your unique home and neighborhood. For more information contact our office at (703) 665-9739.


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