How Do You Really Know Your Home’s Value?

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December 2, 2012 by Jeff Lowen

In a world of automated valuation, the outdated real estate agent ‘CMA,’ or Comparative Market Analysis, and extreme appraiser scrutiny, what is this doing to the value of your home? When you purchase or refinance a home, hire an agent to sell or just have a personal need, knowing the value of your home (or the one you’re purchasing) is very important. Of course it is! Where we get that value is of far more value than the nearly the value itself. Also, how we arrive at that value is currently somewhat of an industry standard – although I really hate to use that phrase!
So why then, are we so misled by the dozens of internet websites that offer online valuations pawning off ‘Fair Market Value’ as if it were so easy to acquire even a caveman could get it? Well, no pun intended to our furry friends, but is anyone else thinking, ‘you get what you pay for?’ No, wait! The best things in life are free! Ha!
Whatever reservations you have about the entire home valuation process, there is something to be said about the level of expertise and commitment to an accurate study. I say study, because as all markets are, they are very fluid in nature and what your home is worth today may be completely different than a week, a month, a year from now or in times past. To discern from all the hype and all the myre about the home valuation process, go to and get a free report to learn how to get your home sold for up to 18% more money, compared to traditional methods.


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