The Connection Between Puctuality And Integrity

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January 6, 2013 by Jeff Lowen

Do you know someone whom is perpetually late for everything? Maybe it’s you? 😉 Many moons ago, my father told me, ‘If you want more time in your life, be punctual…’ Although, I’m sure I dismissed it as most know-it-all teenagers do, somehow, it stuck with me.

Since then, I’ve had this little bug in my ear that keeps me very conscious of my time, the time I keep and how I treat appointments and meetings. It has also launched upon me another very interesting characteristic – the unending awareness of how others treat time as well. Sometimes, I wish that was a little more transparent.

I’ve read many articles on this and have met and read about some super successful people that base their association solely on this principle. With Henry Ford, it was at your first meeting with him at lunch if he noticed you salting your food before tasting it, he’s never hire you because you wouldn’t test it first. With punctuality, if you can’t meet me at the time YOU agreed to, then you don’t respect my time, you can’t master your own, you can’t be trusted with other things, and you don’t value yourself or the ones you’re late for. Pretty harsh? Perhaps, but you’ll find yourself in an entirely different group of friends that value each other tremendously if you join the party. Plus – there are many benefits of being punctual.

I’m not interested in ‘schooling’ anyone to be different. Be you. If that means you’re okay with being ten or fifteen minutes late for an appointment here and there and if you call ahead, that makes it all better… So be it. I choose differently, however. As real estate professionals, or any other other occupation for that matter, if you’re on time and punctual – you’re 90% ahead of everyone else. I know agents that don’t think too much about being late for an appointment with a prospective client. To me, that’s unacceptable.

We have grown into a society that almost promotes being late – or at least it’s okay to be this way. Punctuality is a dying art and I can’t help but wonder if our sales force, the job market, our economy, our marriages, even the way we raise our children would be a little different if we held a level of accountability to being on time. And the list goes on…  I believe in being the change you want to see in the world – so, I’d like to see a world where we respect each other to the point that we’re willing to change our own behaviors for the benefit of everyone. To me, that just makes good business sense.


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