It’s Freezing Outside! Will My Pipes Burst?

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December 11, 2013 by Jeff Lowen

frostProofHoseBibbOnce upon a time, I ran a successful plumbing contracting company in California and “Freezing” for me was 55 degree weather and an occasional rain shower! I think we averaged a day or two every year around the freeze point, though. Living near the Nation’s Capital, we actually have seasons! Imagine that! So, by each Halloween, I turn the shut off valves off to the exterior hose bibbs – y’know the faucets outside… I’ve seen homeowners pull this off and forget to walk outside and drain them. Turn them and leave them in the “On” position to get all the water out. Without this second step, nothing really happens.

Don’t forget to drain your hose bibbs, now that the cold is upon us. A frozen-then-burst water pipe is no fun… Especially if you’re away for the holidays. You surely don’t want to come back to ‘Lake Homestead,’ do you!?

Hope that helps!

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