Getting A Jump On The Spring Market!

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March 4, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Washington D.C. Metro Area – “As you know, in our market right now, there’s very low inventory and there’s a lot of buyers and not very many houses for sale for all of them, and we’refairfaxhomevalue banner seriously looking for people that are interested in selling their property…”

This is the story I get every year at this time, from just about every top agent I speak with. Home buyers turn into mail carriers: For some reason, cold weather, snow, ice and rain just doesn’t deter them. With interest rates back and forth – still amazingly low, many buyers opt for a lock and it puts them in mambo-hunting mode! I just had lunch with one of my mentors the other day and he concurs. We all have a ton of buyers and very few homes for sale for them. So, what to do? We go into house-hunting mode ourselves and do everything we can to find homes for them. It’s not enough just to wait and see what comes up on the MLS. That’s almost like buyer suicide! Once you find something that looks great in pictures, there’s so many other buyers out there, by the time you’ve seen it, the frenzy has already started.

People work during the day, everyone’s got busy lives. To be able to jump out of your skin when a nice home comes along, well… many just can’t do it. So the ones that can, find the nicest homes and the best deals, first. What to do? As a buyer, If you need a home, have committed to a rate lock, have a job or life change, of course, call us; but like myself, there are a few agents out there that actively pursue home sellers for their buyers. Especially this time of year.

If you’re remotely thinking of selling, click the image above and that will get you a very good idea of what your home will fetch in your market. On top of that, an agent with great negotiating skills that’s actively seeking sellers will do you a great service. Doesn’t every home seller want a bidding war on the sale of their property? Heck yeah!

No one wants to see Spring more than I… Yet for real estate, this is a very exciting time. The only question I have for you is; When will you join the party?!

Click the image above or go to: for your free, no obligation, look at how your home might compare, and whether you can expect a line of buyers up to your door!


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