Be Your Own MVP

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March 23, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

MVP. I grew up an athlete, so the first time I saw the acronym, “MVP” as a kid, I learned and assumed from then on it was all about the Most Valuable Player. A prestigious honor given to those that are recognized as game changers, standouts, all stars, or otherwise have an amazing performance. An excellent game, if you will. And, although we all were happy for the recipient of such an visible award, we all were a little envious. Except the times when I was the winner. Then the little voice in my head would say, “It’s about time!” Mainly because I knew my potential and to me, at least back then… it was limitless.

As an adult, I’ve shifted my awareness to learn that “MVP” no longer only means Most Valuable Player – Something that I’ve learned we all are in our own game of life because without us, there is no, “My life.” MVP is, “Mission, Value, Purpose.” A much more challenging and worthy ideal. Having an excellent game is great, but this shifts us toward “Game Excellence.” How many of us can rattle off the question: “What is your Mission, your Value and your Purpose? In an instant when asked? Do we truly believe what we are saying? How much time do we spend on articulating this? Not necessarily to others, but to ourselves. That’s what really matters. Does the world care what your mission, value and purpose is? Perhaps, but if it’s to come to fruition, then it must first be realized and known in our own hearts and minds.

My own MVP is, “I am the constant, curious and tenacious pursuer of others experiences, a learner of life, a student. I am a professional: at love, life, my emotions and all that I think, do, act and exist. To be the best Jeff I can be, and to be more in the moment. I am effortlessly powerful in every moment. I am fearless and move forward with great purpose, expanding with increasing speed in the direction of my goals and my choices on my terms with the beautiful intention of positively impacting myself and others along the way with great ease. Promoting expansion and creation and larger, more fulfilling life experiences. All with the intention of the pursuit of joy, for myself and all that I touch.”

A mouthful? Maybe. But those of you who know me well also know that I tend to be a little wordy sometimes. 🙂 However, this hits me square in the solar-plexus. Causes me to gasp for air a little ever time I re-read it. Gets me excited. That’s what yours needs to be. To draw from deep inspiration to move you forward in the direction of what your goals and dreams are at the deepest level you can muster right now in this moment. Ask and answer questions like, “Who am I?” and “What do I truly want?” “What do I want to be remembered for?” And continue to do so until you can articulate it effortlessly. Then share it with me. With the world! It doesn’t matter what it is, as much as it matters who you will become in the practice of engaging in this life altering exercise and continual practice of becoming more you!

Disclaimer: Missions and Value and having a Purpose are not just for knights in shining armor and Superheroes on a quest to save the world. They are for you and me because we are the superheroes of this life. To our children and the children of the world, to our co-workers, friends and our family members, to that homeless person that asks you for some folding money on the street, and most importantly, to ourselves. All the while knowing that breaking down others in pursuit of making us feel better about ourselves is a temporary and hollow triumph. Uplifting others is life-lasting and life giving. The strength of our spirit can do little for us and for the world if we don’t exercise it!


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