Spring Is The Best Time To What?

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April 8, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked if Spring is the best time to sell your home, I’d be able to join Starbucks in the quest to promote GMO food products with their best buddy, Monsanto! Ha!

If it’s true that Spring is the best time of year to sell your home, then what’s that do for the millions of people that are selling and/or have sold the other four seasons? But before we break out the crystal ball and delve down into fortune telling 101, let’s ask ourselves a few questions to get some clarity.

  • Should we look at historical data to determine the market we are selling in to help make the decision to sell?
  • What’s the most important factor in whether we sell, and how does that impact our bottom line?
  • Are there emotional factors that preclude us from using other, perhaps more relevant criterion with our timeline?
  • Shall I go on? 😉

The point is, there are many ingredients that go in the recipe of our “Decide to sell” soup. Notwithstanding the countless opinions of every other person that has sold a home, has or ever had a real estate license, watches housing news and a steady dose of HGTV and has now become a real estate guru… And the list goes on.

We all have an opinion. Yet, there are best practices, proven methods and market research – and of course the ability to digest that data and present it in a fashion that is direct and understandable. I’ve heard time and time again answers to when the best time to sell – that just answer the question. As if the real estate agent (We’ll set aside all the armchair quarterbacks for now) is some sort of clairvoyant that needs no introduction! Would you believe what your doctor tells you if you went in for an ankle injury and without any questions or tests, told you, “Sorry, but we’re gonna have to cut it off right under the chin…?” Of course not!

So why the HECK do we not take into consideration the MANY factors that come into play when it’s time to make a real estate decision? BEFORE we give any advice as to the best direction and strategy!! So help me, if I hear someone tell me; “You need to..” in the first 5 minutes of a conversation, I’m gonna get out my human-be-good stick and start swinging!

Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ve been guilty of this on both sides and I’ve paid a penance dearly – However, I have learned through countless hours of experience, study and great advice from those whom have boldly gone where no agent has gone before; that the best time to do anything is when it makes the best sense for you. Now this may include a crazy timeline, a potential loss (or gain) of lots of dead presidents, or even a perfect storm that puts you in a fantastical position to move forward.

If you’re reading this and you are a real estate professional, then I’d trust you to put your real estate doctor hat on and run some tests, ask LOTS of questions and come to a determination where you can prescribe the best solution for your clients’ situation.

If you’re a homeowner thinking of selling, ready to sell or in the information gathering stage, then I encourage you to get a copy of my free report:

The 12 Most Important Questions To Ask BEFORE You Sell Your Home.”

To help you categorize, organize and sanitize the fire hose of information that’s available to you. Putting your home on the market without your agent knowing or managing the seven laws of selling, and the 115 variables within these laws can only cost you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses and potential lost value.

Vive la différence in markets across the country, but here in the Northern Virginia market, we consistently sell 2,000 to 3,000 homes every month. Regardless of the season! The only drawback is, how many of those homes that sell could have sold faster and for more money?


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