Do you know someone that’s mentally and emotionally strong? Many people have healthy habits, eating well and exercising. However, how often do you exercise your heart and mind? downloadNo, not the ‘cardio’ heart… Your emotions, thoughts, and resulting behaviors in ways that set you up for success in all you do. Here’s a few tips that can help get you on the right track.

Let Someone Else Feel Sorry For You.

Feeling sorry for yourself? Ok. That’s enough! You don’t have time for this. With an entire world out there blaming others for their lot in life, reaching for some sort of prescription meds to dull the pain, breaking others down to build themselves up; If you want to be mentally and emotionally strong, you must understand that your life is your fault. Period. Anything else is a perceived illusion and non-acceptance. Man up (Or woman up). Unless you like someone else running your life, playing the ‘victim’ role, just gives your power and control away to them.

You Have Power You Didn’t Know You Had.

You have it. LOTS of it! As much or as little as you need. It’s there for you when you need it, too. You are in control of your life regardless of the circumstances. Ever hear someone say, “He made me do that…” or, “My co-worker makes me feel bad?” If so, run the other way… Fast! You have the power to choose what emotions and what impact outside influence means to you.

Change Is Good. It’s Reliable, Too!

Avoiding change is like trying to go hungry by eating too much. Change is the only constant in our entire Universe. Resistance is futile. You welcome change. Because you don’t avoid it, you see it coming. You prepare and live your life to benefit from it.

No, I’m Not a Control Freak. No, I’m Not a Control Freak.

Studies have shown that a full 92% of the things we worry about are things beyond our control. That means only 8% requires some action on our part. You don’t get mad when you hear who’s running for president, or your fav football team trades away their best player. Nope. You focus on what you can do something about. Your attitude for starters. When some event occurs in your life, the first thing you do is size it up and ask, “How does this affect me and can I do anything about it?” You feel for those starving kids in South America, but you either make the CHOICE to go down there and help, throw them some dollars or do nothing. Then you move on. You don’t carry it around with you as if you’re starving, too. You’re no good to anyone that way. You know you can’t control anything or anyone but yourself. Now, this is gonna hit close, but you can’t control your kids, either. Influence, yes. You set the bar. You’re the example by which you want others to follow. Every person I’ve met that feels the need to control or micro-manage anyone but themselves, turns out to be an ultimate stress-cadet, first class!

I’m Not A Pleaser… Please This! 😉 

We all do anything and everything because we believe we will feel better in the process of accomplishing whatever ‘it’ is. So pleasing anyone but yourself first, may appear to be a bad thing, but you know you can’t please everyone, you’re not afraid to say ‘no,’ and you are caring, thoughtful, respectful and fair. You also know that you are no good to anyone if you’re a mess. You must take care of yourself first, so you can have the strength and fortitude to help others the way you see fit. If you say this is selfish, then you’re missing the point. I don’t know any poverty stricken philanthropists, do you?

Take a Damn Risk!

Not a foolish one; but you calculate, think about and plan your risks. You understand getting out of bed in the morning is a risk. So is staying there. No one really “Takes a risk.” Risks are just something you manage. You understand that risk avoidance is a myth. Just like multitasking is. You know the bigger the risk, the more preparation, management and analysis you’ll do. You know all the ups and downs before you take any action. In addition to the risk of changing your mind, mid-stream.

Yesterday Is… Well, It’s Yesterday.

I know we have all had our share of experiences that didn’t necessarily turn out as we’d hoped. Some, rip our hearts out, many just smart a little bit. Either way, you keep your eyes in front of you. That rear view mirror is just there to gauge your results so you can learn a little from it. Your eyes are wide open to the possibilities of what lies before you, while creating great happiness where you are. Sometimes, reliving past experiences happen, but you know you’re there because you didn’t get all the positive guidance out of it the last time. Afterwards, you close the door, lock and toss the key. Only bringing with you the value that promotes your next (current) adventure. You know, this is what being “fully present” really means.

Do It Again? Only If You Like It.

Ever make a mistake? Um… Yeah! Same one? Rarely. Just like keeping the past in the past, You accept total responsibility for your life, behavior and environment. You know you make better decisions moving forward because you don’t repeat your mistakes. You learn from them. Grow from them. Create from them. They are a guide to help you decide the speed and trajectory you choose to live your life. I have a personal story of my own about this that hits me close. But, it serves as a constant reminder of this very principle. It’s not only taught me the value of my own judgment and intuition; it’s taught me to pay attention to it!

You Won The Lottery? I Hate You!

Ha! Not really. You celebrate your friends, family and colleagues’ successes. You’re not jealous or resentful when someone wins. Even if it’s when they’ve surpassed you. You realize that this is a value by which commemorates hard work, commitment, passion and love. You have an abundance mentality and there is plenty of success, business, money and love to go around. You are grateful for the opportunity. Anything else is holding you back.

The World Owes You Nothing.

Living on this planet gives you air to breathe, and a fertile ground on which to create. You know you’re entitled to nothing else. You look for opportunities to grow, share, love and win. And winning means the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


One of the toughest lessons in my life was to come to the realization that no matter how much money, how many beautiful experiences and adventures, or life curveballs I get… It’s my responsibility. I have and have always had a choice. Learning and practicing the above tips grow this part of me. Exponentially. And for that, I am very grateful!