Jeff’s Jabb #3 – Sometimes Less Is Just – Less

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May 2, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

​”…​Some ​hospitals  are even offering to refund portions of a ​doctors’ ​fee. For example, the ​Westersten Hospital & Outpatient Care  – open to all residents and workers throughout the state – offers ​patients the option to receive a ​40 percent cash refund of ​whatever the doctor is charging for a visit or even major surgery, as well as a $2​50 credit toward ​hospital administrative costs​.”
  • NO… NOT REALLY! The above was a parody, although serious. It’s from a recent article about how Credit Unions are “HOOKING” (as they call it) buyers to use their mortgage programs and take the hard earned money away from the Realtors that partner with them. Sure, consumers have an illusion they’re saving money on the front end, but would you really want an agent legally representing you in a 6-7 digit transaction, that can’t even afford to pay for continuing education in agency law and contracts? Agents are scrutinized to know the law. The state real estate board website is littered with disciplinary actions! And, btw- 20% is just what the Credit Union gives back to you, the buyer. Many take an additional 20% from the agent on the backend. Read the Article here.
Here’s what the article said: “Some credit unions are even offering to refund portions of a real estate agents’ commissions. For example, the Boeing Employees’ Credit Union – open to all residents and workers in the state of Washington, not just exclusive to Boeing employees – offers home buyers the option to receive a 20 percent cash refund of their real estate agent’s commission as well as a $250 credit toward mortgage closing costs.”

My question to you is… Would you be willing to work at your job if your boss told you tomorrow that they’ve decided to pay you about half of what you’ve been earning? Homeowners, Consumers and would-be homeowners deserve better, don’t they?
Side note: As a professional real estate agent, you better be earning it! Else you are hurting your own industry and isn’t that what the people have done in Baltimore? Hurt their own community? Stand out and stand up. It’s always time to share your value, integrity and expertise for your clients and for the real estate community! This not only provides an honest living, but the best part is that it promotes the confidence and trust of the consumer. Well trained and well proven.
soapbox (2)
What a world it would be if when young men and women got out of college, they ran – and lined up at the door to join a successful real estate brokerage; because the real estate industry was highly sought after. Some are. I know of many agents that put this ideal before them every day their workplace and in the real estate community. It shows, and agents and consumers alike want to be a part of it!
Moral of the story: If you’re in, GET IN! Full on. 100%. If you’re wafting along and not really in, get out! Do the best thing for the industry, the community and yourself. It starts with us. I’ll say it again, Consumers deserve better!
If you’ve ever considered a career in real estate and subscribe to the point I’m making here, reach out to me. At the very least, please let someone know. The real estate industry and consumers alike deserve this level of attention, detail and trust and you would be most welcome!

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