Final Score: Homeowners 60, Renters 40

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May 11, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Across the country, homeowners are losing their grip on this contest. The percentage of homeowners has fallen over the past few years, while being a renter seems to be the more attractive approach. Or is it the fallout from the burst bubble? Perhaps jobs, life changes, divorce rate, lower education requirements, etc. etc… Interdependency for sure.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve read articles from very prominent economists and bean counters, all donning their ‘Captain Obvious’ garb and sharing a blinding flash of it! The fact is, that we’ve tried to once again legislate our way across the dance floor, hoping our partner won’t notice we can’t really dance!

So, why is it important that the Homeowners win? Are we slowly settling into the Pareto Principle? Could you see a country where twenty percent of the people rent to the other eighty percent? I have to believe that it’s happening now. Nowhere in any ‘study’ I’ve read account for the homeowners that have rental property, vacation homes, etc., thereby reducing the number still. Throughout history, there has always been a small percentage of people that do most of the work, control most of the mo80_20_rule_481114467ney, create most of the laws, and is there anything wrong with it being that way?

Whether you subscribe to the 80/20 rule or not – it’s part of the very fabric of our society.

My only question is how can we use it to better our environment? The race toward equality when it comes to money, possessions or anything other than treating people with respect and dignity is a futile effort. All men (and women) may be created equally and given the right to PURSUE happiness, yet we all weren’t blessed with the ability to lead men, build companies and make decisions for millions.

Unless you want it.

So if you do want to be part of that 20%, then go for it. Get help, learn more, be better every day, change the world, be a positive influence. ACT like you’re there already! Whining and complaining – and even stating the obvious, just keeps us where we are.


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