What Elizabeth Banks Has To Do With Real Estate

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May 26, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Realtor.com is apparently getting more competitive as they’ve launched their biggest promotional campaign to date. On Tuesday, during the Realtors Legislative Meetings Trade & Expo held in Washington D.C., the real estate brand publicly announced their new logo, branding, and national consumer ad campaign which features a prominent Hollywood personality — film star Elizabeth Banks. elizabeth-banks-fake-realtor-600x345

In his key note speech, Move (realtor.com’s parent company) CEO Ryan O’Hara explicated this aggressive campaign. Speaking to more than 2,000 industry leaders during the expo, he said, “We thought long and hard about our branding, and we wanted to emphasize the ‘real’ in real estate. We’re the real deal in real estate and deliver real data in real time. This is what makes us different from others in the space.”

The ads have been released online here:

The second one is unlisted – why? I’m not sure, so you may have to search for it!

My question is… Does this promote a professional image of Realtors? I do know that Realtor.com’s ad budget last year was $16 Million. So far this year, it’s estimated at over $30 Million. As a Realtor, will this translate into higher fees to be one? Will this somehow get passed to the pocketbooks of the consumer?

The television ads featuring Elizabeth Banks is slated to hit the airwaves by May 18. It will run across major broadcast networks and cable channels including CBS. The web videos will be released later.

In one press release I read, the article quoted, “Only the National Association of realtors could come up with something this stupid, this ironic, this hypocritical: they hired an actress to pretend she is realtor in order to convince us that realtors are “real.” Courtesy OC Housing News

What will this do to the image of the professional real estate agent?

I’m hoping it’s positive.


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