Jeff’s Jabb #4 – All The Worlds An Author

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June 2, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Sometime in another life, it might have been this one – I took an Evelyn Wood Speed Reading course and voila! Now, I’m blessed (or cursed :-)) with an innate ability to soak up a lot of print in a short amount of time. So, with all the articles I read about a multitude of topics and issues, I find a very common thread.

“It’s in the absence of leadership, people will listen to whomever steps up to the mic…”soapbox (2)

Perhaps that’s proof positive that everyone has an opinion, right? And so they should! Everyone has a unique perspective, and that should be celebrated. However, when it comes to accepting another’s opinion for your own, even mine for that matter, we all should take a closer look at where this perspective is coming from.

I read an article about best strategies for multiple offer situations when buying a home. In my opinion, it was okay. It seemed a little green to me. I’m in the business, of course. Come to find out, the author was a guy whom in the last 20 years, had bought two homes and refinanced a few times. Isn’t that like getting a root canal at a dentist school? I don’t know… I think I’d take the dentist school student!

It amazes me – not all the first year grad students who write articles telling us which way the market is going, or the stock broker that writes an article about the best way to stage a home for sale, or even the one or two-sie homeowner citing strategies for the best way to buy a home – It amazes me how many of us take these words as the gospel truth. All the worlds an author.

“It’s in the absence of leadership, people will listen to whomever steps up to the mic…”

C’mon people. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor how many of these operations he’s done. Or your real estate agent, how she plans to market your home and the stats that prove her choices to do so. What about asking your attorney what his won/loss record is?

…How about just reading a little about the person who writes the article?

This way, you can make your own assessment. They may just have something you can use. They may be speaking an arbitrary blend of garbage, too. You decide.

The only thing I am attempting to communicate here is this: The most de-humanizing act we can do is to live our life according to someone else. Formulate your own ideas, opinions and perspectives. If another’s influences you, great. But don’t just take their word for it. They are a unique and beautiful person just like you. Utilize your own passion and power!


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