Is Your Home As Smart As You Are?

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July 27, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Awhile back, I wrote an article on the importance of your internet bandwidth for the resale of your home. Now easier than ever to control virtually everything in a home with the simple click of a button or smart phone app, are you still stuck in the stone age like I was, of actually getting up to turn a light off, see what windows are open and adjust the temperature?

Not only can smart gadgets make homes more convenient and efficient, they also have the potential to increase home values and make them more attractive to buyers!

Here are some popular smart home upgrades that could potentially increase home value and desirability, especially among millennial buyers and others who crave that convenience and technology:


Programmable thermostats have been around forever and are standard in most homes. Smart thermostats, offer the ability to change the temperature and control it from your phone when you are away. Track your temperature preferences and program itself, too. now, do I really have to explain the benefit here? Have you ever taken off for the weekend and left your thermostat on its regular settings? Of course! Me too. But now, I get alerts when the HVAC system is rapidly rising or falling, indicating a potential failure. Oh, and then there’s the efficiency. That means lower bills, and what’s wrong with that?

Smoke Detectors, et al

Don’t forget Carbon Monoxide, standing water and a variety of other monitors that can alert you if something is not right. Now, that’s piece of mind when you’re away – And with all of us working harder, playing harder and getting out and about, we’re just not spending time at our homes as much.

I could go on, but instead I’ll share where I get a lot of my information about Smart Homes and the system possibilities. It starts with a site called “Smart Things.” Of course it does! Lol. Check out:

Here’s a flavor of things that might pique your pallette:

  • Leave your keys at home–you won’t need ‘em anymore
  • Automatically start the coffee machine when you wake up
  • Get light to follow you as you go from room to room
  • Set rules to automatically turn off your lights, electronics, and thermostat at different times or when not needed
  • Set your washing machine to tell you when the laundry’s done
  • Get an alert if your pet unexpectedly leaves home
  • Change the color of your Philips hue lights when you get a new Twitter follower
  • Make it look like you’re home when you’re on the go

Now this becomes not only energy-efficient, but fun as well! And did I mention buyers are becoming really receptive and almost demanding of these features when you sell?


The cost of one of these systems, if you’re starting from scratch will obviously vary depending on what you want to control. However, if you’re shooting for the works, you can say, “Come to Papa…” with a modest $100 invested into a “Smart Hub,” which is the brain of the outfit. Now go get some gadgets and things can add up. For a few hundred bucks though, you can have an awesome system that’ll secure your needs and make your home very attractive to would be buyers!

Want to find out more on the impact of these features when it comes to selling your property? Reach out to us today, or go here:


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