5 Secret Tips To Showcase Your Home On Instagram

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August 25, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, Instagram was the fastest growing social network. Now, according to a few social news sources, it’s Snapchat. However, from a revenue model, Instagram wins by far.

Here are 5 super secret tips that will help you showcase your home on Instagram and its 180 million users!Instagram

  1. People love to peek the ‘behind the scenes’: Interesting to most people, real estate is what we’re all curious about — just turn the TV on and it’s ‘flip this house,’ Flip that house,’ Flipping Boston,’ “Property Brothers,’ etc. etc. etc…Try sharing your experiences by preparing one of your listings before it goes live on the MLS. Catch the lifestyle of your local community, show how happy you or your clients are when they find “the dream house” or when they’re leaving the settlement table with a big fat grin! What about where we work? Our jobs are NOT mundane, and neither are all the cool places we visit. Share them!
  2. Facebook changes. Everyday!: Proprietary yes, and it seems like Facebook changes permission, privacy, and settings just about every day, but through the Instagram app, you have the option of sharing your photo to your Facebook profile page. I think Instagram is Facebook’s baby, why else would you blow $1 billion buying it in April 2012
  3. Instagram’s Photo Maps: There’s the option to share photos to your photo map before you post them. Using the geotag feature while it puts a thumbnail of your photo onto a Google map so that you can see where it was taken. If you wanted to display your familiarity with a neighborhood, community or city, a great Instagram photo map mixed with a Google map that shows listings you’ve sold or helped clients buy, restaurants you’ve frequented, and local events you’ve been to proves that you are a local expert. …But wait, it gets better. There are plenty of third-party apps, but SnapWidget, which allows you to showcase your photo map on your own website. Imagine having a page on your website titled “View our community through my phone.”
  4. Personal Web profiles: Instagram used to be just mobile, now they’ve created Web profiles that beautifully display your photos along with your profile photo and bio. Instagram also has created downloadable badges to help you link and promote your Web profile or property. Getting consumers to your Instagram profile is one thing, but be sure to place a link to your main website in your bio or property web page so that this can be one more channel to bring prospects where you really want them.
  5. Short video tours of properties: With our attention span on the decline and unless someone is already in love with a property, they probably aren’t interested in watching a five-minute video, slideshow or panoramic tour. Instagram allows you to share up to 15 seconds of video at a time by simply pressing and holding the record button, then lifting your finger to stop. You also have the ability to add previously recorded video from your phone. Try showing a 15-second video tour of a property by just capturing one to two seconds in each room. If you feel it moves too fast, keep in mind that the viewer can rewatch it and pause it, you’re just trying to get people interested in the property and your business. Another option is utilizing Flipagram, which creates a short video with music using your previously taken photos. You can also share these videos (or your photos) by visiting your page on a desktop Web browser and clicking the share button on the right side of your video. This will generate an embed code for you that you can place into your blog, website or article, and Instagram ensures that everyone will clearly see that the content belongs to you.With consumers being so visually driven, Instagram offers plenty of opportunities for the real estate business. More agents are adopting an Instagram strategy. With a camera on you at all times, compelling, content-filled workdays and the fastest-growing social network begging us to brand ourselves with its help, Instagram just makes sense for the real estate agent of the 21st century. If you’re already incorporating Instagram into your business, then Rock on! 😉

Source: http://www.inman.com/next/instagram-for-real-estate-5-little-known-ways-agents-benefit-by-implementing-this-social-media-tool-in-their-business/


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