5 Tips To Market Your Home Using Live Streaming Apps

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August 28, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Thinking of putting your home on the market? Wanna get serious with it? The trend toward social media has been on fire for a few years now and the only end in sight is that there is no end!

If you’re selling your home, or even thinking about it, using an agent that is well versed in this type of advertising will only share your home with MILLIONS of home buyers that have and use social media as their preferred method of interaction with friends, local and regional news, events, activities, sports and just connecting within their own circles and more! virginia-homes-4

Here’s a few tips to ponder to ensure your home is getting the very best in qualified buyer exposure…

1)  The Good Ol’ Fashioned Walk Through

This is possibly the easiest way to use live-streaming apps in your home. A simply stroll through the home to give your online audience, including qualified buyers who follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, a glimpse of what the home looks like, what features it has, and any other pertinent information a potential buyer wants to know. Here’s a list of social media sites

2)  The Neighborhood Tour

Whether it’s by foot, bike, taxi, pedicab, segway or roller blades is up to you — to show off what life is like in your neighborhood. Select a sunny day when conditions are optimal for your live stream viewers to study the landscape. When you come up to notable homes, buildings, shops and features, offer some context and background info to educate your following. Folks WANT to live there. Tell ’em (and show ’em) why!

3)  Other Client Interviews

Believe it or not, many agents are afraid to share the experiences of their other clients outside of a simple testimonial. Every client they serve may be beyond thrilled, but if they don’t share those buyers’ and sellers’ happy smiles with the world, you’re missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity. Buyers love it and we all do, too. Enthusiasm.

4)  Joining Local Community Meetups

From get-togethers featuring the best and brightest business minds in your area to potluck dinners and bake sales at the local community center, there are many Meerkat and Periscope and Meetup opportunities of which you can take advantage. If your agent will speak at one of these events, even better: Set up a tripod next to where you’ll talk so those watching remotely can see and hear your speech. Share it!

5)  Train, Train and Train (Not the one that requires a track!)

Believe or not, your audience may actually want to know what local, regional, and national training events an agent attends. What they have to say about the state of the residential sector and mortgage markets, just like you do. An agent that’s well versed in the goings on of everything from how home sales will finish out the year to what the latest and greatest home decor trends are, and can break out live-streaming apps to capture the speakers who grace the stage, gives pause for an increased listening and viewing audience.

To sum it all up – a larger audience = access to more qualified buyers. And though you only need one, choosing a buyer out of a handful of them as opposed to waiting for a buyer to choose your home, is a way better scenario for you, Mr. and Mrs. Homeseller!

Want more? Stay tuned to The Real Estate Expert Advisor for more tips on how to position your home for the best the market has to offer!


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