When It’s Time For A Home Inspection

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October 4, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

If you ask a hundred people when the right time is for a home inspection, hands down, 98.5 of them will say when you’re buying a home, of course! Although, I’d agree… Is it a good idea to get a home inspection if you’ve lived there for a few years and plan on staying for a few more?

I think so. A great home inspector will uncover items in your home that will need attention. Some serious, some not so, and everything in between. Of course, you’ll Pittsburgh-home-inspection-imagewant one when you’re buying a home. I also offer one for my seller clients to preempt any serious issues that need attention. Buyers like to get their own, yet walking into a sale, knowing the seller has had an inspection and fixed the necessary items is great peace of mind for new buyers.

Are you the handyman around the house, or are you someone who needs a contractor to change out a light bulb? Either way, if you have no intention of selling anytime soon, a fresh home inspection can be a great tool to create your ‘honey-do-list.’ Not that you need more to do, however, most inspectors will offer either hard or soft copy full reports complete with pictures, building diagrams and specific remedies. DIY it or hire a reputable contractor, budget for it, whatever you choose, it’s a great idea to get a handle on the attention your home needs.

A couple things to remember though…

  • Home inspectors like the house to be clean so they can access and inspect the home.
  • If you have pets, keep them under control while the inspection is going on.
  • Most don’t, but be wary of inspectors that throw around phrases like, “code violation,” or “safety violation.” Make sure they cite the exact code or local jurisdiction safety regulation for your record.
  • The inspector will find stuff that needs repair/replacement, and almost anything can be fixed.
  • They can’t predict the future. If they notice electrolysis potential on your water pipe, and a week later you spring a leak in a completely different area, don’t get mad. Get prepared, and fix it!
  • Many states don’t require licensing for a home inspector, so make sure they’ve got an ASHI (www.homeinspector.org) and/or a NAHI (www.nahi.org) certification.

Just remember, a home inspection is a tool not only for those buying or selling. Just like a home warranty, you can get one anytime. And since I brought it up… You might want to get a home warranty, if you’re thinking about it; wait 30 days, then get a home inspection! For reasons why, see my article on home warranties here!


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