Your Five Best Friends

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October 8, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Many moons ago on a chilly evening, I received a call from one of my closest friends. We talked for an hour or so and he shared some great advice and five of his best friends for creating more fulfilling opportunities and solving problems in my business and my life. Opening the door to continual learning and growing.

who-what-where-when-why-howThey have since become my five best friends. Here, you can meet them: Who, What, When, Where and How. Of course, they have their drawbacks, too. When I take them all out to dinner, none of them want to pony up when the bill arrives, but it’s quite worth it knowing them. 😉

Make sure you ask yourself the other questions carefully before considering the “how” question. And be cautious with the “why” question. Use it to generate a positive, inspirational response. Asking, “why do I always do this wrong?” won’t give you that. Ask, “why am I compelled to do this so strongly…?” this is a much higher level question. I purposefully left it out of here, because it’s an internal question.

  • Who do you need on your side? Who can help you? Few matters of any real importance can be dealt with without assistance from others. Who do you need to know, meet or get advice from?
  • What are the issues facing you in your life? Have you thought about them carefully enough to put them into some order of priority, assuming that tackling them all at once is likely to be more than you can handle? Are you clear about exactly what they are? Do you understand them as fully as possible? What do you need to do to learn more? What can you do today? This week? This month? What is the best approach? What skills or techniques will you need? What can you learn from others’ experiences to assist you?
  • When should you start? Is now the right time? When are the circumstances favorable enough? When would it be better to act? Knowing the “when” keeps you from the danger of rushing into short-term action when a long-term approach is needed.
  • Where should you begin? Where can you find the information you need? Where are the bottlenecks and most important parts that would help or hurt my completion?
  • How should you do it? How can you accomplish everything in the time I want? How can you create a detailed plan that will be unstoppable?

These are only examples and hopefully, will surely get you started. All these questions are essential. Missing any of them leaves a gap that must be filled by assumptions or imagination. Then you’ll find yourself ‘winging it.’

If in doubt, ask! These five questions can be adapted easily to cover almost any situation.

Now, they can be your five best friends, too.


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