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October 13, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

The newest addition to The Real Estate Expert Advisor is the Expert Investor segment. Full of great ideas and advice on everything from getting into real estate investing to more complex tips and strategies to maximize your return.
So, without too much set up 😉 let’s get into some of the goodies!

I’ll throw a few ideas out there to all of us that have sat up late on a weekend evening, whether we couldn’t sleep or were just mesmerized by the visual candy late-night infomercials. In my tenure, I’ve seen the heartbeat of real estate investing from a ‘gurus’ perspective come and go and come around again. The thought of being a real estate investor is intriguing, sexy, wealth driven and coveted by many.
As one myself, although I’ve thought of it that way, it requires some tools that may include checking your emotions at the door and rolling up your sleeves. Replacing water heaters, cleaning drains, fixing doors and windows. Wait! I’m a handyman now! 😉

I cheated a little. Growing up in the construction trades, building all aspects of a house from the ground up, this gives me a unique perspective not only on the real estate sales industry, but as an investor as well. Don’t let that stop you though. Many professionals with a trained eye can help you see “behind the walls.” The rest of the story lies in your ability to see the bigger picture of a particular investment. Which leads me to my first rule of thumb to be described in more detail in our next segment…

Rule #1: You make your money when you buy.



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