14 Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance Tricks For Your Toolbox

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October 15, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Sometimes, you’re in the middle of working on your home and the right tool for the job is just not in your tool box. Here’s a few tips and tricks to MacGyver your way to success!

  1. Have a small hole in your deck railing or wood slats? Grab a golf tee and pound it in lightly, cut it off flush with a hacksaw and voila! No more hole!
  2. Until you can buy a bluetooth speaker so your phone can kick out the jams, put your phone on top of an open mason jar with the speaker facing down into it and have a party!
  3. Do you ever have tools in the toolbox that get rusty? Keep the metal tools and hardware in your toolbox rust-free with blackboard chalk. Chalk is a moisture sucking material that traps dampness. When you place several pieces throughout your toolbox, its porous nature will protect items prone to rusting. Chalk works great in a burlap or cheesecloth pouch for keeping a closet damp free, too!
  4. Don’t laugh, but I’ve sprayed my lawn mower blades with cooking spray. Keeps the grass from bunching up underneath.
  5. Ever try to caulk a bathtub or door frame only to find that you should keep your day job? 😉 Use painter’s tape to mark off the area on either side of the caulk joint. Pull off the tape before it dries.
  6. I’ve never tried it, but clear nail polish will fill a small hole in glass. Coat, let dry, repeat, until it’s filled.
  7. Squeaky door hinges? Spray with WD-40, Vaseline, baby oil. Any petroleum product will work. I’ve even used chap-stick! Lol
  8. Those cheap cotton gloves that you can buy at the hardware store for a couple of bucks work great to clean light fixtures and chandeliers. Just get one wet and leave one dry. Wax on. Wax off!
  9. Have stains in your bathtub? Mix cream of tartar and baking soda with lemon juice. make a paste and rub it on the stains. Leave for 30 minutes or so and rinse!home-improvement-2
  10. Revive your wooden cutting boards by gently warming a bottle of pure mineral oil (available at drug & hardware stores) in a bowl of hot water, then wiping the oil onto the surface with a soft cloth. Wipe off the excess four to six hours later.
  11. White toothpaste works great to buff out linoleum scuffs, soothe burns, get gum out of hair, remove stains on carpet, crayon from walls, works good as a metal polish, too!
  12. One part white vinegar and two parts water with a soft cloth makes your hardwood floors shine!
  13. Most furnace filters are so cheaply made these days. However, you can ensure these filters trap more fine dust particles by spraying, or wiping, a thin coat of baby oil onto them.
  14. Vodka (Due to the alcohol) is a powerful killer of mold and mildew. Great for drinking, too! Hic!

Hope these helped a little. Having an arsenal of tips and tricks can get just about any job done!


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