Wading Through The Advertisement Fog

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October 29, 2015 by Jeff Lowen

Since as far back as I can remember, we’ve been inundated with advertisements and sales pitches vying for our attention. It seems everywhere we look these days, we’re getting hit up on our televisions, computers, laptops, mobile phones, radio, billboards, vehicles, email, text, ads, ads, ads… They’re everywhere! Screenshot 2015-10-28 06.14.02

The power of suggestion is bold and brave in the 21st century and I will admit, I’ve purchased at least one thing in my life based on a whim – spurred by an ad in email or late night infomercial. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone! 😉

We all find ourselves somewhere between the shop-a-holic and the consummate cynic, skeptical of everything to the extreme. We do research, investigate, but often times we find that no matter what the subject, product or service, it’s a rabbit hole; and it’s all we can do to put on the brakes and get out of there before we spend countless hours way past the point of no return.

So how do we clear the fog? Separate the “Too good to be trues” from the sound decisions? Personally, I believe the answer is in your gut. Intuition isn’t just for one gender or another. It works wonders, if you let it. Yes, I know that’s hard to teach. Some of us – me included – feel a lot better with concrete, specific and measurable benchmarks by which to gauge things. Unfortunately, sometimes you just don’t have that.

The best solution for me is to employ people in my life that I have developed a trust as an expert in a specific industry that I can look toward for sound advice. Someone whom can be impartial and not necessarily have any monetary gain from the process. Although I’ve had an illustrious career – because I’m the real estate industry, and have been to some degree since Reagan was President, some might consider me to be an expert on the subject. Thank you for that. Still, I have people in my life that go to for sound advice on the very industry of which I’m a part.

I believe that’s what separates the first string from the bench warmers.

Someone whom you turn to for help, should not be so full of themselves that they believe the answer begins and ends with them. You deserve better than that. We all do. In addition to consulting real estate selling and purchases, I coach many real estate agents as well. The thing that I hear the most of is their mentality to become the ‘end all be all’ for the people they help; instead of an expert professional resource. C’mon, really? How many people do you know that ‘know it all?’ Tennessee Tuxedo’s friend, Mr. Whoopee, maybe… I know more that think they do.

In the end, there’s more to professional advice that just being liked, being a nice person, consumer reviews and acting professional. All of these may be important to you, but it’s all about trust. A good advisor will tell you what you need to do. A great one, an Expert Advisor will present the facts, share the opportunities and risks and help you make a sound, educated decision for you and your family – based on your goals and objectives.

Does this help you wade through the advertising fog. Probably not, but at least it may help be less of a distraction for you!


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