Jeff’s Jabb #7 – Rose Colored Glasses

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December 31, 2015 by Jeff Blaine Lowen

As I peruse through the vomit of real estate articles that are available for free on the internet, I often wonder about the value they bring to our communities. Yes, there are some great tips and tricks, even better ideas and staying abreast of industry news has become commonplace. Yet, do our lives and neighborhoods benefit from all this?

I read the cover of the latest Realtor Mag, showcasing an agent that’s done some great things in her community, leading the charge for some arbitrary cause; only to find out that she hasn’t helped a buyer or seller toward a successful transaction in over two years.

Burning through a few more articles, I check out some of the writers of many are little more than a college grad who happen to lock on with Zillow, Trulia or HGTV. We all have to start somewhere, but it ponders the question; would you prefer advice from an experienced industry professional, or a would-be-someday whom hasn’t shed his spots!?

Am I hard on the industry? Hell yes! For $200 and a few (Let me stress: FEW) hours, the states of our fine country have made it possible to get a license and legally help you with the largest transaction of your life. Real estate agents and their trade organizations everywhere have bestowed on consumers that in order to be successful in real estate, you need to be liked. A glorified popularity contest, and social media puts the nail in the coffin.

I read an article from an “apparently” successful agent, very polished glamour shot picture; only to find from the link to her Facebook page – hitting me in the face are not other articles she’s written, but a collection of half-naked, boudoir pictures that keep real estate far from my mind.

I’ve always wondered why politicians can publicly humiliate someone’s life, business, beliefs and family; yet if a real estate agent were to publicly state that another agent did something illegal, immoral or unethical – she would most likely lose her license and never practice real estate again.

Talk about commission to another agent, and you’d think the real estate SWAT team was in the next room. Yet, the Feds are doing all they can to make loan officers a commodity.

Where are we going in the years ahead?

With job approval ratings for the President, Congress and local police departments at an all-time low, is it possible that it’s become commonplace to just do an “adequate” job?

With “No child left behind” instilled in the minds of our educators, are our gifted young minds hitting a ceiling and being forgotten because they don’t need help to complete assignments? Or are they bored like Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein were, only to be called anti-social, disruptive or slow? That’s okay, let’s just fill ’em full of Ritalin so I can get back to my Facebook page. btw – Teachers told Thomas Edison he was “too stupid to learn anything.”

In just the last few generations of recorded history, the population has exploded, National Debts increased, more burning of fossil fuels, and only 15 Million people die every year because they didn’t get enough to eat.

Here’s a hot one – Animals. Don’t we scream GMO when it comes to our food? It’s been scientifically proven that genetic modification can be a dangerous game. So we GMO the heck out of our cats and dogs as if they are toys, then throw them away when they don’t come out right ~ physically or mentally. Rescue shelters filled to the brim, and still – there is little regulation. Oh, but that’s okay. Each year, only 3 million dogs and cats are euthanized.

With so many directions we’ve gone here, it seems only fitting we come back to real estate. Did you know that here in the US, there are 5 times as many vacant houses, as there are homeless people? From what I hear, Utah has been giving homes to the homeless since 2005. Is that the answer? It’s definitely AN answer.

We recognize these issues exist, post them to our hearts content on social media, and if we’re lucky, we’ll think highly of ourselves when we get 100 ‘likes.’ There. I did my part, right? …How foolish we have become.

*Disclaimer: Although much is my own opinion, many of the claims stated here are derived from other viable sources. Please feel free to reach out to learn more and get involved in the solution, not the problem!

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