12 Most Unappealing Features In A Home

March 9, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

Trends are always in fashion. When it comes to your home, there are plenty of statistics that give us what those trends might be, too. If you were thinking about selling your home, or contemplating a new room addition, change in floor plan, or perhaps adding a wet bar down in the man-cave; here’s a list of things that potential buyers are finding mostly UN-appealing!

  1. Elevator (63 percent say they don’t want one) What goes up, must come down ~ in terms of home price, that is!
  2. Pet washing station (54 percent) Everyone is pet friendly these days, so why is this #2 on the list? Perhaps no-one wants the “kennel-feel.”
  3. Wine cellar (53 percent) If I were a wine enthusiast, I’d beg to differ, but square footage is square footage, and why would you use the cellar for an assortment of fine wines, when you can send the husband down there when he forgets your anniversary!
  4. Golf course (53 percent) This used to be a bit of a “posh” attribute, bu these days the extra cash into a home is better than the country club surroundings.
  5. Daycare center in the community (52 percent) According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, day care businesses will have some of the fastest employment growth of all industries through 2020. Do we really need one attached to our HOA?
  6. High density — smaller lots and attached or multifamily buildings (46 percent) Funny how we keep growing in population, but we want larger spaces, too. Someday, it might be less of an option.
  7. Cork flooring on the main level (45 percent) C’mon, really? Who doesn’t love to walk across your dartboard? Lol
  8. Dual toilets in master bathroom (44 percent) Yeah, this one’s easy. I love ya honey, but not that much!
  9. Two-story family room (43 percent) Although a regal attribute to a nice home, we are spending more time in the kitchen and dining areas and retiring to our bedrooms.
  10. Wet bar (42 percent) My folks had one when I was a kid. Great for entertaining. I guess boozin’ it up has lost a little luster. Hold on… I have to refill my dirty martini.
  11. Two-story entry foyer (40 percent) Like the two story family room, this is another regal attribute, yet a monster space waster. Are we becoming more practical?
  12. Laminate countertop (40 percent) Wha’at?? Formica is king! C’mon now! Hahaa, kidding, of course. Definitely wreaks of low budget.


Source: “Housing Preferences Across Generations (Part I)


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