‘Lucky 13’ Most Wanted Home Features

March 9, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

Let’s get right to the point.

Buyers these days are looking for specifics. They want practical features. Did I just say that? Practical… Gone are the days where lavish, unused living rooms and oversize stairwell footprints are the norm. The older generations put the value of Energy Star appliances way up there, but Millenials could care less about it! Either way, according to the National Association of Home Builders sliced it up like this:

  1. Laundry Room (92%) I guess we all feel the need for clean clothes. At least a separate area to stash it all when company comes over!
  2. Energy Star Appliances (90%) ENERGY STAR qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies and use 10 to 50 percent less energy than standard appliances. Yeah, I’d want to spend my dollars on other things, too.
  3. Exterior lighting (90%) Is it curb appeal at night or a well lit entrance for security’s sake? Perhaps a little bit of both?
  4. Energy Star rating for the entire home (88%) Energy Star – Again. Go green, baby! Eco-friendly homesteads are coming with a vengeance.
  5. Energy Star windows (87%) Pretty self explanatory.
  6. Ceiling Fans (86%) Besides looking nice, they help with the air flow of the home in every season. Clockwise summer, counter in the winter.
  7. Patio (84%) A place to kick it after work and watch the sunset, barbecue and entertain.
  8. A full bath on the main level (83%) This one perplexes me. I get the half bath, wash your hands, take care of biz, but why the added shower? I reached out to NAHB, but no word on this one yet. Maybe this is the pet station in disguise?
  9. Hardwood on the main floor (82%) Yes… I can see this. I like it too.
  10. Upgraded insulation (81%) Back the go green thing. Check this guide out.
  11. Garage storage (81%) Here we go… I was wondering where we were gonna put all our stuff!
  12. Table space for eating in kitchen (80%) Yes, one of the most popular hang out places in the house. The kitchen.
  13. Walk-in pantry (80%) C’mon, don’t we all shop at Costco and come back with a years’ supply of food and stuff?? Where else will we put it all?


Source: Housing Preferences across Generations (Part I)


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