Jeff’s Jabb #8 ~State of the Industry

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March 18, 2016 by Jeff Blaine Lowen

Once upon a time, I found myself out of college and working in a large, family owned hardware store long before Lowe’s and Home Depot had the stronghold they do now. This job out of college turned me on to many characteristics not only about business, but life as well. soapbox (2)

I remember learning that the absolute most important thing in the world was the customer. I heard this again from Earl Nightingale’s “Lead The Field,” among other wonderful traits on how to treat others toward a better life, better world and better business. Growing up with these foundational characteristics, I went on to live my life with them on my shoulder. Even at the expense of losing it all.

Being a voracious reader, I am affected by the noise that covers us all through the myriad of advertisement media. Technology has turned into a medium for solicitation and regretfully, I am not absolved from being a part of it.

The real estate industry, like many others is rife with “Look at how great I am…” ads that speak of the advertiser and seldom about the consumer. It’s a very large and sometimes uncomfortable bucket that has been compartmentalized to isolate, not benefit the consumer. Yet, we are all consumers. It’s almost like shooting ourselves in the foot.

People are our greatest resource, our grandest asset, and our only hope. We cannot exist without them, let alone our businesses. In this year of the election, I am peppered with virtual fist-fights over social media, see friends and family segregated because of political, religious and litigious opinion, and am amazed at the work that goes into these unhealthy attitudes. The adage, “I’m offended…” seems to have become a commonplace focus in many circles. And it is ALL opinion. Nothing more.

I am by far the most opinionated person I can think of, yet most who know me would disagree, which is most likely because I prefer to reach out, learn, be curious and ask questions; FIRST. I believe Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.” I think he had it right.

In an industry that is highly competitive, like real estate is these days, a quote from the late Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) comes to mind; “Drinks will flow and blood will spill.” I hear agents, share stories of challenges with other agents due to unprofessionalism, lack of knowledge, emotional neurosis, no attention to detail, ethical issues and the list goes on. Articles are written by popular publications with these so-called industry horror stories in an attempt to sensationalize stories to garner more readers.

Once again, with all the noise that comes out of the industry’s smoke stack, how do you digest it all? What are you, the consumer using to filter out that which is fact and that which is fiction? Do you even care? Perhaps you do care, but have just become numb to it all.

This is a arena that can get out of hand and debated forever. I know as I write this, that I choose to be part of an effort to create transparency within the industry, thereby assisting consumers to reach their goals with a larger, more global image in mind. To learn from each person and share my experience and my influenced opinion as it is evolving and not something just to win someone over. To know about the people that I come into contact with and focus on their desires without prejudice or ulterior motive. To focus on solutions and not the noise. That’s my filter. Maybe it will work for you.

I believe energy flows where attention goes, and this keeps my rudder in the sea of possibility and away from the bay of despair. I have proven this time and time again when I have focused on the negative impact issues have, thereby attracting more of the very negative I wish to avoid. It is only when we focus on what we desire in our existence that it proves to be our best chance to create it.

When David J. Schwartz wrote, “The Magic of Thinking Big,I don’t think he was referring to your focusing on anything that you wish to have less of in your life.

The State of The Real Estate Industry is definitely evolving. Since  the first hotel constructed in the United States, the seventy-three-room City Hotel at 115 Broadway in New York City opened in 1794 – to this day, it is an ever-expanding, sometimes complicated art. “Everybody wants some, I want some too…” as the energetic David Lee Roth once proclaimed, and although I don’t think he was referring to real estate, I think it applies here.

The moral of the story is that being involved in a public policy affected industry that has the attention of so many, a primary brick in the country’s foundation, it only makes sense that moving forward, we share a more global viewpoint ~ together. Because without a commitment to understanding each other in the collision of ideas, we may miss the mark someday and leave future generations less fortunate at the expense of commemorating our own ego.

“The economy evolves and changes directions like a large locomotive. It only takes us by surprise and catches us off guard when we think we are not the ones driving it.”  ~ G.F. Rosario

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