3 Spring Tips To Put More Feng In Your Shui


April 4, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

Have you ever started a project and then didn’t quite finish it? Well, if you’re like me – that seems to happen more and more as the list of items on my to-do list grows. I think it’s a priority thing. As I get older and I hope wiser, I tend to spend time on things that I feel are important and the less important things tend to take a backseat. feng-shui6

If this happens to you, don’t labor over it. It’s definitely not something to worry about and it’s just a sign that you are getting better at prioritizing the things that really do matter. Still, we do like to dive into things that make our home and environment more efficient, tidy and just make us feel better about where we live. So here’s a few awesome Spring ideas to spend a little time and get big results…

1. Kitchen Counter Catastrophe

After a few days of living, since the kitchen is such a place of congregation these days, the counters tend to become smaller and smaller. This gets left out here, a new appliance there, rearrange this or that and, OH! I need more counter space! …A few minutes spent wrapping things up, putting them away and getting them off the counter, not only opens up valuable real estate on the work space, but after just a few minutes and you can walk into the kitchen and, WOW! It looks bigger, too! 🙂 Even if later on today you’re gonna get those small appliances back out and use them for tonight’s dinner; it’s amazing how good you’ll feel about it. Husbands, this is a great way to make points, too!

2. Junk Drawer Jambalaya

What’s that? You don’t have any drawers with “Junk” in them? Where do all those rubber bands, take out menus and post-it notes go? Of course, you may be one of those rare individuals that take offense to the term ‘Junk’ drawer, but for the rest of us neanderthals, stuff accumulates. With a vengeance! It always amazes me how 10-15 minutes of ravishing a junk drawer into oblivion – which is just another term for throwing just about everything out – does to my sense of accomplishment. As if the disorganization inside the drawer somehow translates into the vibes in my head! Maybe, I’m just a man and I’m easily amused, but that little sense of accomplishment goes a long way toward feeling good about getting the complicated stuff in my life done. Heck, I’m not using any of that stuff in the drawers anyway!

3. Interstellar Closets

Have you seen the movie, Interstellar? I thought it was pretty good. Then I looked at the top shelf of my bedroom closet and wondered, ‘How can the world know I even exist with all of the stuff in the way??’ A small space on a top shelf, 15 minutes and viola! Organized, I have more shelf space and found a belt I didn’t even know I had! Lol The bottom line is that no matter how disorganized my hanging clothes are (All the hangers go the same way, dark colors to light from right to left, dress pants, suits together, etc. and all that other anal retentive stuff I do), I just feel good about that little space on the top shelf! Hmmm.

The moral of the story is, is that you find the most interesting ways to not only spend a small amount of time getting to the less than obvious places and cleaning an/or organizing them, but it all translates into a feeling of accomplishment and somehow frees up a little brain space. Good thing, too… I have a whole bunch of other stuff I need to shoehorn in my head.

BTW – In the real estate industry, we jump on the feng shui train and immediately think of elaborate furniture staging, moving and adding stuff to make your home more like a Smithsonian exhibit, but the true definition is a Chinese philosophical system of “harmonizing” everyone with the surrounding environment. The term feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English.

That’s my new mantra. I’m going to go harmonize! I’ll let you know how it turns out…


One thought on “3 Spring Tips To Put More Feng In Your Shui

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