Awesome DIY Home Projects


April 14, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

From time to time I come across some cool home projects that may just make it up to the top of your ‘Honey-do-dis’ list. Besides, who wants to do stuff on that list you ‘have’ to do, anyway? These ideas are fun, exciting and are a canvas to spread your creative joy!

  1. Here’s an easy one to start it off! Peace, love and kumbaya! Some 45d91c8bf66e13a99e6d40858c03efd8.jpgfolks collect spoons, but grab three forks for this one. Pliers, maybe a hammer, a drill and it’ll help if you have access to a vise. Use a cool coat rack, towels or whatever and wherever.
  2. Have an old tool box lying around collecting cob webs? In a world where we all want the latest and greatest, there’s bound to be one of these somewhere deep in the home archives. Building a shelf or putting somewhere and some pretty spring flowers will brighten up and corner of the yard.255f384d0eb5c2ba5f19a8cbeb8b6d0a.jpg
  3. Let’s jump on to a bigger project… You know that space under the stairs that usually collects junk we’ll never use – need – want… or even want to dip grid-cell-2144-1388849778-5our heads in there to clean once in awhile? Here’s a couple of ideas to turn that space into something a little more flavorful. The first will only work if you’re a book worm, or at least have an affinity for books. No Kindles here!
  4. The second, is in the same place but for for a slightly more entertaining nature. A cool idea for the vino connoisseur! enhanced-buzz-11075-1388769014-11
  5. Have a shady area of yard that does nothing but stay damp and can never grow grass? Or maybe the perfect place in need of a little creative walkway… Here’s a pebble extravaganza that’ll will be fun and really add a little spice to your yard. pebble-mosaic-walk-way...
  6. Us cave men love fire. Something about it just gets our blood flowing. Depending on where you are and what the local Fire Marshall Bill has to say, putting a fire pit in the yard now that the weather is amazing, breaking breadfire-pit-620x412 and good conversation with a bottle of wine out of your new under-stair wine cabinet, is definitely in season! And, is a real easy project.


Just some ideas to get you thinking and adding a few personal touches to your humble abode.

Like these ideas or have some others you’d like to share? Let me know, it’d be great to hear from you!

If you’re feeling energetic and want to dive into one or more of these and need a little help? A contractor, someone to help you plan, whatever you need, just reach out and I’ll put you in touch with someone who can help.

By the way, here’s a beautiful atrium some friends shared and although it changes with the flora and seasons, it’s the perfect place to appreciate your beautiful home!

2015-09-30 11.35.01.jpg


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