The Secret To Selling Your Home For $17,000 to $110,000 More

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May 4, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

Discovering the secret to selling your home for more money, and sell it faster! Isn’t that what we all want? We all want to sell at the top of the market and have buyers lining up to make offers, great offers on our homes, right?

What if I want to sell it myself? Why? Save the Realtor fees, of course! Yes, I like to gamble. Or do i? Homes that use a Realtor net almost 13% more money to start, but some of us still think we can get a leg up and beat the odds. It’s possible and it does happen, but who’s gonna show my house when I’m at work? Take phone calls? Negotiate inspections, money, closing costs, time frame…?” And what if an agent shows up with a buyer and he or she just happens to be skilled in the art of negotiating?

Definition: Negotiating. Getting the gold from your teeth and having you thank them for it! Anything is possible, let’s think about a better approach. Being informed before you make a decision that’ll cost you tens of thousands$$ in unnecessary expenses!

I have a free report that I’ll send you if you’re considering selling your home that will reveal…

  • How to get buyers to “fall in love” with your home as soon as they see it and agree to pay you top dollar.
  • The easiest way to spend $500 and get $20,000 back in your pocket when you sell your home. The 1,000% Return On Investment would make Warren Buffet blush!
  • Explore why you’d rather The number one reason why buyers don’t buy a home and how to avoid having that affect your sale.
  • The two rooms that can make or break your sale and what to do so that they “make” your sale.
  • A nifty little trick where you can spend $1,000 and increase your home’s value by $30-40K. Note: This only applies to about 15% of the homes on the market.

And much more!

Selling real estate is surely not brain surgery, and after you read this report you may not have the equivalent skills of the top agents in the country, but you’ll surely know what to do about it!

Click Here for the report! 


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