May 2016 Expert Housing Report

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May 11, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

As controversial as it may be, we start off by explaining the market in 5 year cycles. Some would say 7 or 10, but this graphic simply defines a more in-depth look in 5 year cycles.




There’s been some talk about a bubble developing in the real estate market, so Warren Buffet was quoted as saying this about it…


And more good news about the stability of the market…


Real estate compared to other investments…


Now that we know, everybody knows… That real estate is a great investment. Let’s look at what rental prices are doing – Which is great news for folks that have that second home, rental property, vacation home and first time home buyers that know, or if they didn’t, they will now, know that it’s definitely time to get out there and find a great home of their own!


The rising costs of rent can only point to one thing for would-be homeowners… Affordability!


And if that’s not enough to prove affordability…


Want to learn more about the May 2016 Expert Advisor Housing Report? There’s over 100 infographics, charts and detailed information so you can be in the know! Just send me a quick note and I’ll share it with you. Don’t just watch the news that barely scratches the surface. Here is solid data about the market that can help you buy, sell, invest or be prepared to. To get the full May 2016 Expert Advisor Housing Report, just fill in your info here:






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