Would Cost Of Living Affect Your Move? [Infographic]

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August 12, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

Whether you’re planning a move or just curious, the cost of living is quite varied across the country. Will you boast that you live in the most expensive area in the country? Would you prefer to spend that money on travel, passionate causes, and college education? Whatever you decide is right for you, this fact of where you reside cannot be overlooked.

Highlights from your Infographic:

  • Thinking of moving across the country? How far will your money take you?
  • The majority of states in the Midwest and South offer a lower cost of living compared to Northeast and Western states.
  • The ‘Biggest Bang for your Buck’ comes in Mississippi where, compared to the national average, you can actually purchase $115.34 worth of goods for $100.



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