5 Tips To Be Amazing

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August 24, 2016 by Jeff Blaine Lowen

Do you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and shout, “I’m amazing!!” before you start off to attack the day? Do these types of people inspire you or do they just tick you off? Well, for those of you in the latter group, it’s been suggested to me that I make my ON/OFF switch a little more visible… So, with respect to those who have a little challenge jumping on the amazing train, I’ll tone it down a little. 🙂

For real estate agents, as with other self-employed people and business owners, the fire that burns isn’t your boss threatening to demote you to the unemployment line; it’s the fire that burns deep within you. And yes, these five tips will help you stoke it. Whether you currently feel you’re the Energizer bunny… Or the trail he blazes on.

Do what you love. At least, do what you like! Yeah, this is so cliché however, if you love Photoxpress_3286896what you’re doing, it’s not that it doesn’t seem so bad, it’s that you can’t wait to get up and do it. You think about it, you talk about it, and you dream about it. Some folks will argue that not everything they do is love-worthy, and I’m here to tell you that it’s all in your head. If you feel that way, then perhaps you’re not focused on the mission. Your quest. Why are you here? Why this business? If the answers to those questions don’t include people, then there’s an element of money motivation that will only fuel you for so long. Revisit your goals and dreams and listen to your heart. How does it feel? Does what you’re doing inspire you? Does it inspire others? How could it? Are you in the right role? The right business?

If these questions find you in a world of disarray, then take some quality time for introspection. There’s DISC, Myers–Briggs, and every other personality test out there, but I’m not talking about that. That’s great for your strengths and weaknesses, but you’ll only feel fulfilled when you’re able to stoke that fire the burns deep within you. Even if it’s just smoldering now.

Why should I hire you? It’s interesting when I hold a live group coaching session because I’ll ask agents this question and of the few that brave the storm to answer it, most will jump on the ‘skill set bus’ as a response. nĂşmero-dos-paz-41908788Listen my peeps, go back to #1. Define and articulate this and you’re problems are solved. The late Steve Jobs ran Apple with a vision, a set of beliefs of what he stood for. He told a compelling story that first inspired him, then others followed. They couldn’t help it. Everyone loves a hero. Be the hero of your own story. Your gifts are as unique as you are and you are doing the world a disservice if you don’t share them; and share them with a vengeance! Cultivate and master those gifts, learn to articulate them and your own powerful why will show enthusiastically to your clients. Now, that is inspiring.

Note: Motivation doesn’t necessarily compel people to act. Inspiration does every time!

Win your own Academy Award. All the worlds’ a stage and all eyes are on you. Yes, contrary to what you may think, not only are other people watching, so is your little voice inside your own head. istock_000006757986xsmallEverything you do, say, think and imagine counts! So go out there and live it like you mean it. When you sell your service, don’t just show up with a presentation and toss in a couple trial closes. Go out there and win the gold jacket (That Hall of Fame speak for those that missed it).

Act and think as if the world’s eyes are upon you and counting on you to bring it home. Don’t work well with that kind of pressure? A little too invasive for you? These are excuses. Cop outs. You see, winners always want the ball. They want to contribute, they want the opportunity because they KNOW they are the best chance of success. Don’t be shy, be bold, brave and when you hit a wall, get up, dust yourself off and be bold and brave again!

Set the bar at the world record. The adage, “Under promise and over deliver” is giving you an easy way out. Placing you in the race for mediocrity. Another cop out. hand-showing-number-four-19021644Your target is to become the new World-Record holder. If you were in a race with Usain Bolt, would you give up before you start? If you would, go back to #1. Otherwise, get ready to surprise the world! Look at it from your clients and customers point of view: Do you think they want average or mediocre service, or would they prefer something world class? C’mon, do you really have to think about that? Learn to enthusiastically articulate your value. Be more compelling, inspire others, create success. Nobody wants to hear, “It’s not my department…” When someone hires you, amaze them. Amaze yourself. Be everything for them. Anticipate their wants and needs. Become unforgettable. There is a difference between having an excellent game, and having game excellence. Own it!

Plug-in, recharge, and reward. First, plug into your network of like-minded professionals. Tap into their ideas, support and contribution. You’ll know it’s working high-five-handbecause it gets your blood flowing. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Promote forward living and positive movement. Talk shop solutions; not water cooler gripes of how buyers are liars. That’s a myth, btw. If they are, they’re just doing it to you because you’re not ‘wowing’ them. Figure it out. If I had a nickel for every agent I heard complain about something after 37 years in the business, yada, yada… If that’s you, do us all a favor and get the heck out! And alas, lest not forget the support of our family and friends. They should and will support your vision.

Recharge. What are you putting in your head? Are you reading something that excites and inspires you? Are you engaged with people that you respect? Do you meditate, exercise and have an outlet for purging your thoughts, like writing in a journal? Do you practice enthusiasm? Or, are you spending your evenings catching up on the latest game shows, politico tennis matches or real housewives? How is that serving you and your mission in life? Thinking, “I need some downtime…” What?? You mean ‘drone’ time. Television has its advantages, however, be mindful of it. Advertisers know that the average American watches more than five hours of live television every day. Coupled with the power of suggestion and telling us when to get sick, what to take for it, the next best must-have gadget cleverly disguised in an infomercial, they want you, and the list is unforgiving. Just keep in mind that TV, news media and the entertainment industries are a business, first.

Have to be in the know? Don’t tell me, you’re a closet news-junkie… Do the top stories get you fired up? Ready to quit your job and spend every waking hour behind your pulpit? Then choose your causes wisely, my friend. If you’re playing along, then your cause will be in the vicinity of doing what you love.

Reward. All of these ideas can be a little overwhelming. Especially when you live it daily. Reward yourself. Congratulate yourself. Make yourself happy. When you realize that happiness is an inside job and no other person is responsible for it, you’ll become more purposeful with your time, your efforts and what you allow in your space. You deserve the best, and if you want to give your clients and customers the same, you must have it first. You cannot give something to another if you don’t possess it first. That’s true with love, a world-class business experience, and the ability to wake up every morning excited to be a part of this wonderful world.

Even if you get these ideas, you may not know exactly where to start. One bonus tip I can share with you is to be easier on yourself. I used to tell myself that no one is harder on me than me. A good friend explained that it sounded just like an excuse. Another cop out. Giving me an opportunity to side step what really mattered with respect to, me just not being good enough. Thanks for that. I’m here to tell you that you are more than good enough. You are worthy, and yes, you’re amazing! This world is better off only with you playing an important part. Now is the time to live it. It’s not about how old you are, or how young, how smart you are, or even if you have no idea how…

The fire that burns in all of us is ready to be stoked. Feed it!


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