My 10 Commandments For Awesomeness

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October 27, 2016 by Jeff Blaine Lowen

I get asked about my energy level, my passion, and my perseverance a lot. Personally, I think it’s a lifestyle rather than a special formula, so I got to thinking about it and thought I’d share a few rules I like to live by. Ten to be exact. Perhaps you can find some benefit from any of them. 🙂 Do-More-Awesome

  1. Eat For Power. Find out what type of food makes you feel great and stick with that. It’s amazing the extra ‘juice’ you can get from the right foods. I feel my best when I eat Pescetarian, and eating healthier helps me think better and need less sleep. Eating three to five small meals (portion control, baby!) per day keeps my energy level high and fuels metabolism. Listen to your body and don’t overeat, you will be surprised how great you feel. Give up coffee? Are you kidding?! It’s full of good ju-ju, a.k.a. Antioxidants, and it’ll pump up your mental clarity. Of course, a spicy espresso does, in fact, complete the world! Aaaahhh, mo’ bettah.
  2. Stay Strong. Quit spending all day behind a laptop. Hit the gym if you want to grow your life (or company). Get outside. Get active! I think most clearly and am at mondo energy with strength training for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of cardio at the aerobic heart rate level for my age (whatever that is), three days a week at minimum. Nah… Make it 5! Still, 3-5 hours for your health in a 168 hour week is nothing!
  3. Get Your Winks. Allow yourself enough interrupted sleep to unleash energy you didn’t know you had. Shut off your cell phone and any other sources of blue light for at least an hour before sleeping. Cooling the room off so you sleep more deeply. There’s an extra benefit: Getting enough sleep in a cool room helps you keep you at a healthy weight. True ‘dat, no kidding. Got a TV in the bedroom? Lose it!
  4. Feng Shui Your Mojo. The ocean is a powerful rejuvenation source of chi energy for me, so I like a place on the beach to see and hear the waves. In the past, I’ve lived all over the country; including the mountains, snow country, the desert, and beautiful rolling hills. Live in a setting that energizes you and neutralizes your stress, and you’ll be surprised at how much that fuels your vision for your business and your life. My general rule of thumb is to work where you live, not live where you work.
  5. Stroke Your Passion. If you don’t know what really matters to you, it’s hard to identify the business projects that excite you. Make time to meditate and use mindfulness to get in touch with what you really care about. It’ll give you better memory, and become more aware and creative. Work on what you love with passion and unleash the awesome energy in your life. I’m excited just thinking about it!
  6. Be Grateful. Remember 3 things you are grateful for every day. Change it up, too. You’ll tap a source of energy that empowers you, and doesn’t leave any space for the negative stuff. Don’t take things too seriously and have a good belly-laugh at least once a day. Write these things in a journal each night before bed and you’ll sleep better, have great dreams and it will recharge your daytime, too.
  7. Be In The Now, Mr. Tolle. Try to be aware of how you perceive time. Are you watching it retrospectively, at one with it, or predicting it? Good energy and the best experiences come from being at one with time in the moment. Quite simply instead of focusing on the past or future events with stress and anxiety, experience the exact moment you are in to energize and feel your best. Consciously look for things that make you happy. Om and all that… Just focus on your breath for a minute. Thanks, Ekhart!
  8. Get Wicked Smart. I love to learn, and preferably the newer, more complex and profound the better. The best way to learn is to get into a state of being curious. I begin my searching for the feelings and state inside me where I feel most curious and stay in it. Curiosity fuels learning, and can really energize and power you to master infinite subjects and information with excitement and passion. Be open-minded and reserve judgment. We see wild ideas in movies and don’t think twice about the reality. Do the same here and open yourself up to a plethora of possibilities.
  9. Connect. If you stay incubated like a bear, you will miss out on the energizing effect of relationships. Social media is not the same as face-to-face. There are atoms of energy that can enthuse and infuse your neurology that a screen can’t emit. No, not Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, either!. Quit hiding! The world wants to know you.
  10. Vacay-a-way-way. Bounce every three to five months to unplug and change-up your local geo. This will reset your neurons and give you a new perspective. Getting away will energize you and help you forge new relationships. Meet new people and come back with excitement and enthusiasm for your goals. Find a place you’ll enjoy and put it on the calendar. Ready, set… Go!

The cool thing is that YOU get to choose how you live your life, so live it your way!


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