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November 3, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

With only a few days left until we have a new president, I can’t spend a second on just about any social media site without a barrage of comments, helpful and many not so much about each of the candidates. As I watch each of the debates wondering how this election will affect my small corner of the world, it’s only fair to say that if the person that will eventually lead the greatest country in the world, arguably, is so quick to raise critisizm and judgment toward their opponent, why wouldn’t the general public respond in kind?

I’ve read quite a lot on the subject and as Americans, we tend to believe the world only exists within our own borders sometimes. So, I ventured out and dug up some opinions about the candidates and the election from other countries. Here are some excerpts from outside our four walls…

Mexico – “Trump has attracted widespread hostility in Mexico…”

China – “If Hillary is elected, she will continue her tough foreign policy towards China…”

South Africa – “The lamest exchange on race relations EVER…”

Egypt – “Hoping that Trump comes to power…”

Israel – “Trump is seen as having unqualified support for Israel, but his talk about resetting foreign ties with Europe and Asia has stirred concern about what consequences that could have…”

Great Britain – “Trump is a demagogue whose political ambition is rooted in his own narcissism, rather than a sincere desire to improve the lives of his constituents. And, His golf resort in Scotland has been at the center of controversy for years…”

India – “The country is either going to elect a woman or it’s going to elect a businessman with absolutely no executive experience in politics. There’s not a whole lot of empathy for Hillary about the email business or Benghazi…”

Austrailia – “Voters have a sense of lack of control, their sense that politicians do not work for them, and that they are cut out of political decision-making…”

Switzerland – “The American electorate has to decide whether they want to stick on the Obama path of more government and socialism or roll back some of the things he has done…”

Germany – “The gun issue is depressing, the shootings. It’s very hard for Germans to understand that the country is so incapable of finding a solution to solve this problem, or at least to reduce the problem…”

Japan – “There were some concerns about a Clinton dynasty. One man likened Hillary Clinton to an empress, but people were also wary of Trump’s rhetoric…”


Perhaps it’s a fair assessment the Clinton has a larger presence across the globe than Trump. Yet one consideration that seems to be a recurring perception of America from the entire world is…

“Why is it so hard for well-meaning people, from the conservative or progressive sides, to find common ground, or just to listen to the other side?”



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