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November 10, 2016 by Jeff Blaine Lowen

I’m currently on the road during this post-election recovery that the country seems to be going through, wondering what it all means for myself, my close friends and family, and the country as a whole. I’m sure you might be wondering the same.

Years past of a country that’s experienced inner turmoil since those deafening years between 1861 & 1864, one can only hope that one day, we stand together at some point to move this great nation towards more joy and fulfillment.

How easy it is to become immersed in these events and choose sides as if the enemy is as close as a neighbor. Brother against brother, sister against sister. When extending an olive branch may be the easiest, most rewarding action that you ever do, to seek understanding of your fellow man, or woman with compassion and integrity. However, to do that you must think it, believe it, first.

I’m not a fan of the smear campaign that both candidates engaged in as we approached election day. I was, as I believe most Americans were, interested in the issues that we face locally, regionally, nationally, and globally and what we might do about them moving forward in hopes of evolving our own lives to a more positive place.

No matter who you voted for, or if you even voted at all – which seems to be popular; Donald Trump is our new president. And whether you’re excited about that or the thought of it repulses you, the fact that some of his own party members have disavowed him almost makes him more susceptible to cross party lines to bring common ideas together. Now, whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, but no matter what leg to stand on, history has taught us that if we do not stand together standing apart only makes us fall. Y’know, the “United we stand, divided we fall,” thing…

Perhaps, because it’s okay with the potential leaders of our nation to engage in smearing each others’ integrity, that it trickles down us individually as acceptable behavior. Well..  I’m 100% positive that as individuals, we do not subscribe to that mantra. Do we treat our spouses that way? Do we treat our children that way? What about our friends and our families? Love is truly the honey that sweetens our relationships.

As we move forward in this election aftermath, do you not agree that focusing on the problem or our perceived idea of the problem, only gives the problem more strength? What then, does that say about focusing on the solution? And does it really matter if you are not the one that came up with the solution Especially, if it benefits others.

Let’s stand together. As a nation. As a state. As a city. As a community. And mostly, as a home and within ourselves. It starts with being happy in your marriage, with your family and friends, your business relationships and with new people whom you meet. Being happy with yourself.

This has nothing to do with religious views, political party affiliation or social classification. “Do unto others how you want to be treated,” might work in some circles, but I say if you do unto others at all, you might want to learn how they would want you to treat them first.


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