5 Tips For Better Wifi In Your Home

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November 16, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

The days of plugging in your laptop or desktop into the wall with an Ethernet cable are just about long gone because we’ve all moved on to Wi-Fi routers. Did I just say ‘desktop?’ Lol Mobility is the era and we’re all in it! In the home, however, Wi-Fi routers are the norm and they come complete with their limitations. If you have a home larger than a closet and depending on the placement of your router, a restricted range can be a nightmare. So I’ve compiled these tips that you can implement and increase the range of your Wi-Fi router.

1. Where is your router, anyway?

It may not be aesthetically pleasing when it is out in the open but you need to place your router in an open and obstacle free environment to make sure that the signals don’t drop. The higher it is placed, the better since an elevated router has much better signal coverage. If you’re in a two or three level home, consider moving the router to the upper floors. The center of your home is best, too.

2. Use the best channel.

Your neighbors are using Wi-Fi routers, too. And their neighbors, and theirs, etc…That may very well be interfering with your own Wi-Fi router. The solution is simple; a Wi-Fi router has a number of channels available to broadcast signals and from your router’s user interface (admin page, accessed by typing in the router’s IP address ex: into a browser), try the different broadcasting channels to gain optimum results. Of course, you can use a Wi-Fi Analyzer app, which will allow you to see which channel has the least interference.

3. Routers get jealous.

Otherwise known as appliance madness. Ensure that your router is placed away from other appliances that can interfere with its wifi signal, typically 2.4MHz, such as Televisions and cable/satellite TV equipment. Also, not many of us still have cordless phones, but these and microwaves are the worst offenders! This will guarantee better results.

4. Get another router.

You can actually go down to your local electronics store and buy an inexpensive wireless router, plug it into another Ethernet jack and configure a brand new network. I wouldn’t do this unless you are experiencing lots of dead space, have a large home or for some reason, the only place the cable guy to stick your current router was deep in the dark corners of your basement, but it’s a viable option and works great. You can also configure it as a repeater to stay on the same network, but it’s a little more complicated, so get some help for that.

5. Freaky tricks.

The most commonly used freaky trick is to employ the Windsurfer tin foil trick (See the image) or you can make use of an old beer can or a cooking strainer (place them over the antenna) to gain some signal enhancement out of your router. Really… This works!


Now, if none of these work for you – this is where i suggest wrapping a sufficient amount of tin foil around your head, stand on one leg and chant proverbial colloquialisms! NO NO! Just kidding, really. These will work. 🙂


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