How Are You Closing Out The Year?

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November 16, 2016 by Jeff Lowen

With less than six weeks left of 2016, how are you closing out the year? Here are your options…

  1. Business as usual.
  2. It’s the holidays, this is why I became my own boss.
  3. This time of year is a great opportunity.

The first option, business as usual, is stable predictable and a good choice it doesn’t really play into the theory if you’re not busy growing you are busy dying. Markets shift in and of themselves add seasons, hyperlocal unpredictability and your particular center of influence and you have susceptibility and volatility. This may be a good choice for you if you’re not interested in being a little flexible to shifts in market opportunities and want to just rely on what’s always worked to brave the storm of the winter season.

Your second choice is about taking the holidays off. Many business owners and agents alike (yes, if you’re an agent, you’re a business owner) will choose this option year after year. This is the time when agents jump ship. Move to another brokerage because they think that the brokerage is the problem. A simple mirror will fix this philosophy. This is a good choice for you if you don’t really take your business seriously. C’mon, you took a vacation in the summer months, went on a few weekend getaways, and now you want to take 4 to 6 weeks off and pick up in January sometime. And you’ll continue to wonder why your business is lethargic on a good day.

The last option is about taking advantage of all of the opportunities the winter season offers. The myth is that real estate slows down during the winter months and although that may be true to a greater or lesser degree the impact is never great as we think it is. For example in the Washington DC metro area no matter what time of year or season it is, there are approximately 80 to 140 homes sold every day! Buyers and sellers that are not serious find themselves engaged in other activities. Just like agents who are not serious. This time of year is a great opportunity not only to focus laser-sharp on prospecting for new business but to reconnect with your circle of influence your clients and friends. It is also a fantastic opportunity to reach out to other agents to help them make the shift, if they are looking, from where they are to becoming a great agent on your team, or in your office and joining your successful journey.

Remember, great agents aren’t born… They are trained.

So decide what you want out of your business and get into it, or… get out of it. Sometimes the best decision is one that is in a completely different direction!

Being passionate about something means you’re always looking for ways to bring more value to it and your clientele.



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