7 Ways To Build Healthier and Stronger Relationships

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January 5, 2017 by Jeff Lowen

Without relationships, what are we? In business, it’s imperative to build relations with the people involved. Studies have shown that in any business dealing when there is the presence of a voice to voice or face to face relationship, all parties walk away healthier, wealthier, and happier. Here are seven awesome ways to build ’em! win_win_negotiation

1. Attention

We all need attention—to feel seen, heard, and recognized. We need to know that we matter and that we are a part of a greater collective. Think about the ways in which you need and seek attention each day, and consider how you might provide this need for attention for the people in your life, in your business and in all your dealings.

2. Be Kind with Your Speech

Sometimes it’s not what we say but, rather, how we say things. Understand that the least effective form of communication is text, email, and words on a page. Take a moment to really consider what the other person is going through and speak to them with kindness. Remember, we are all preoccupied with things in our lives. Consider a time when you were going through challenges and recall how the last thing you needed was another distraction.

If what they are experiencing is affecting you in a negative way, you may want to contemplate what you’re feeling inclined to say to them before doing so.

3. Appreciation

Each of us has an innate need to feel valued and appreciated. Of course, by those we love, but almost as much as those we work with on a daily basis. Find ways to show your appreciation for others by acknowledging their actions and being thoughtful about ordinary matters. Try to put yourself in your their shoes and imagine what their reality is like to help you better understand where they are at. Emotional intelligence is being stable in the face of chaos and making good decisions for that which you are working toward.

4. Nurture Your Friendship and Your Relationship

Successful relationships all have a solid friendship at their core, which points to the individuals having a mutual respect for and an enjoyment of each other’s company as a foundational component. They don’t just get along, fondness and admiration exist for one another.

5. Acceptance

As individuals, we all share an imperative need to feel accepted by others in our daily lives. It’s easy to accept those aspects of ourselves and others that are beautiful, inspiring, happy, and successful. Where the real challenge lies is accepting ourselves and others’ not-so-desirable qualities. That’s where character comes into play. Accept others, don’t take it personally, and come from a place of contribution.

6. Create a Safe Space

Create a safe environment for your dealings with others. This lends itself to be vulnerable and share information. Not to be taken advantage of, but to work together toward a common objective. Let them know how much you care about the goal and the feeling of accomplishment together. None of us are exempt from embodying behaviors, qualities, or characteristics that are less than desirable. We all live in ‘glass houses.’

7. Manage Your Own Emotions

Whenever you are feeling charged up about someone else’s behavior, ask yourself: Where have I demonstrated this type of behavior in my own life? It won’t take much digging to find where we all have the capacity to exercise poor judgment and to make mistakes. Your gift is recognizing this and using it in positive ways. By recognizing that we all share in this experience at some point or another, it helps us soften into supporting another. Even if you’re negotiating a large transaction with lots at stake, you’re steadfast compassion and stability will go farther than anything else in keeping everyone’s eye on the ball.

Let’s get realistic…

Can it be difficult to do all these things? Sometimes, yes. It requires a level of awareness and emotional intelligence that, at times, can seem far-reaching. You will always have some complaints about others and vice versa. Catching yourself before you go to a place of criticism, judgment or defensiveness and pausing for a moment can be just the thing you need to redirect your focus toward being centered and in control.


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