5 Tips For A New Year & New Expireds

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January 9, 2017 by Jeff Lowen

Every New Year, there’s an influx of expired listings. This happens throughout the course of the year anyway, more or less depending on the season. Yet, for some reason on the first of January, there is a deluge of expired, cancelled, and withdrawn listings. Many of them (about 85%) will list again before February 1.

Many agents complain that expired listing agents are bottom feeders and they’d never… However, if you’re like they are, you have 30 listings in your inventory, and building up your business isn’t of great concern. If you’re not, this is a great way to build up your client database, garner new relationships and help a few home sellers whom either had less than stellar agents or had unreasonable expectations. Or both, of course. expired-listing-photo

Contacting expired sellers can be a little bit exciting since most are a little jaded that their home didn’t sell and all of a sudden they’re getting calls from a bunch of agents. Quite simply, knowing what to say and ask, practice and a little thicker skin than normal are all it takes to succeed. We’ll assume you’re right there…

Here are some easy rules for going after expired listings and jump starting your business in 2017:

  1. Dig into your confidence pocket when you contact them. No one wants a limp agent – especially someone who’s had to change all their moving plans around.
  2. Don’t think for an instant that the 10 other agents that are calling know what they’re doing. This is where your constant practice comes in. Rising above the noise gets you noticed!
  3. The reason the home did not sell was the PRICE. Do NOT under any circumstances list at the same price … or you will be the next agent crying over your expired listing.
  4. Many sellers will say the reason the property did not sell was their “lazy” agent… not enough marketing, promotion, open houses, etc. Just nod your head and say, “Let me show you how I sell homes that didn’t sell the first time they went on the market.”
  5. Lastly, if you can’t get an appointment on the first attempt, follow up like a mad man (or mad woman) tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

And here’s a bonus tip: If you’re thinking when a home doesn’t sell it has nothing to do with the agent; perhaps real estate isn’t a good choice for you…

Remember this: When you hire someone to fix your car, mow your lawn, manage your money, repair your home… There’s a level of expectation that the person you hire will get the job done. Being a real estate agent is no different. Every homeowner deserves an amazing experience when selling their home. YOU are the catalyst…

Now, go make it happen.


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