Every Picture Tells A Story, Don’t It

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January 24, 2017 by Jeff Lowen

In this beautiful world of leveraging technology, for some time now, home buyers that are considering jumping in the market are looking at homes before they’re looking at you, the real estate professional.

Have you seen listings with professional photos? Have you seen the ones with less than professional? Do you know agents that think they are professional photographers? Of course, we all have. Yet, most times, we don’t put two and two together unless we’re buying a home.

Selling a home is first done in the photos. Sure, your articulate and witty description is something to be proud of, but the proof is in the photos.

Many savvy agents use, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to promote their listings. However, if the photos and video aren’t a great representation of the home you’re trying to sell, then all it means is that more people are dismissing it and moving on to something more appealing.

We all know images and video are getting better rankings on Google, especially when you attach a blog post (If you have a blog – and you should). 7550801080_e2576fdca2_b

The internet is our window to the world and we all know 9 out of 10 home buyers are starting their home search there first. So, why do many agents insist on overlooking the importance of picture-perfectness? Is it the cost? Time? Mindset? Vision? Let’s take a quick look…

The cost: In my research, with as little as $150, a professional photographer can take 30-50 images with something a little more than a cell phone. Hey, I know cell phones have great cameras, but do you want to be one of the crowd, or do you want your listing to ‘POP?’

Time: The time it takes to drive to your listing and shoot photos yourself can be great if you have no other deals going on. It makes you all warm and fuzzy inside because you’re actually getting something accomplished, right? Well, if you’re a trained agent (More than just real estate license school), you know that instead of galavanting around taking pictures, you should be prospecting for business. End of story. Unless of course, you’re okay with not living up to your potential.

Mindset & Vision: Your mindset and vision will come into play here. Do you think of how you can automate your real estate listing business and promote your image and listings to the widest audience in your particular niche? Are you feeding that thought and developing and growing your education and perspective? Do you see how agents that have walked in your same shoes have been successful at doing certain things? Is that what you want for yourself, your career and your family?

Whew! All that over some pics on a listing?? C’mon, man! Well, just so you know what people are looking at – the people that are your business’ life blood, head on over to:


Can you believe it? A site attributed to the bad photos Realtors take!

The moral of the story…

When you have professional photos taken, the dark shadows, time of day, lighting, clutter, and presentation is paid attention to. As it should, because… You are trying to sell that house for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassle, aren’t you?

I’m quite certain that’s what your clients want!



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