I’m Number One. No, I’m Number One.


February 8, 2017 by Jeff Lowen

In the world of real estate, you don’t have to look far to find that there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of real estate agents that claim they are #1. Are you one of them? What makes a #1 Realtor and is that even something you should be striving for?

If you’ve been in this business for more than a week you know that being #1 is a very subjective label. There are million dollar awards, top producer labels, and my favorite, “I’m in the top 5%,” or 3%… It seems every Realtor has some sort of claim to the ‘best.’

So let’s take a look at what that means to the business owner, agent, or team leader, that is vying for business with the other million agents out in the marketplace.

# 1: In my experience of coaching and mentoring agents, one of the hardest things to impress upon them is that it is not about them. Spending hours with business plans, time Photoxpress_3286896block structuring, practicing and role-playing is about them, yes. Yet, when it comes to a strategy to prospect for new business and to love on the clients and friends they already have, it’s not about them at all. It’s about your clients and your prospects.

Again… It’s about your clients and your prospects.

I advocate creating a target persona. A perfect client avatar, if you will. In other words, create the ultimate client or prospect you are hoping to help with the services (or products) that you and your business bring to the table. I have a cheat sheet for that, too. Click here for, 5 Steps To Discover Your Perfect Client.

“But, won’t I be leaving some people out?” you ask. Perhaps. However, if you market or try to obtain business from everyone, you are marketing to no one. Let me explain…

Everyone loves to be heard, listened to, acknowledged, and made to feel important – Including you. With a blanket message, or casting a wide net and attempting to sell or market to everyone, you appear closed off. You’re not taking the time to learn everything you can about whom you’re trying to help and it shows. This is the number one mistake I see new and seasoned agents make. Afraid they’ll miss out on potential business, they try not to leave anyone out, thereby excluding everyone!

# 1 (Yes, this is a post about number ones…): Once you wrap your head around the fact that your focus should be on your target prospect and client, then it’s time to reel in how they view you. Agents put all their education and certifications on their business cards because they want to be recognized in the industry. That would be the smart reason. However, many think that it’s a prestige among their clients and a recent poll unveiled most sellers and buyers with little to no affiliation in the real estate industry have little idea what GRI, ABR, ePro, etc. mean. What most of the want is someone they can trust to get the job done for what they are hired.

How do you communicate this level of trust? You can’t. You can help facilitate it, but you have little control over how another person perceives you. Your best approach is to listen intently and do your best to determine how you can help solve their particular, complex problem. Communicate that, and you’ll be putting your best foot forward.

# 1: Ernest Hemingway said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Much of the competition you find in the marketplace is created in our own minds. Rarely would you find a high volume, community driven agent or team, focused on another agent, team or brokerage’s business. The focus is on their own plan and getting better at what works for them. Increasing your own value means deepening the value you bring to your clients, reducing costs, and becoming more efficient.

# 1: The ‘Synchro-Servo’ approach. Back in my Navy days and NEETS Modules, I came across this idea. An electronics control system, I found it applies to life as well. Without getting too technical, this approach is a method by which the results of your efforts are fed back into your activities to drive efficiency and direction. It requires constant attention and tweaking.

For example; if you are getting 3 of every 10 listing appointments you go on, your dissection of what is working and what isn’t will cause you to adjust your method, presentation, communication style, etc. so that, your results get better.

Remember, getting the job done and being #1 is important in the eyes of your client. Not necessarily in the eyes of your competition.




One thought on “I’m Number One. No, I’m Number One.

  1. probableman says:

    I don’t claim I am number 1. I am number 100,021.

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